Key benefits

Full-featured infrastructure out of the box


High-end fund management software equipped with tokenization core and business tools

White-Label and customizable

Comprehensive API, SDKs, guides and other documentation help you fully customize web & mobile apps and integrate TokenD core with other services that are critical to your business.

  • Powerful back-end
  • Customizable corporate identity (logo, brand colors, etc)
  • Customizable UI with front-end layout template
  • Connect your own modules, apps and bots via API
  • Translate your fund into any language with localisation support
  • Easy integration with third-party software, like KYC/AML providers, CRM systems, accounting systems and business-logic modules
  • Extendable cryptocurrencies and fiat payment gateways integration

Unprecedented security

Assets, transactions, accounts and access rights are controlled by the cutting-edge cryptography and information security techniques.

  • Assets and accounts are kept under cryptography protection
  • Two-factor authentication: Google Authenticator (Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP), RFC6238)
  • SSL certified & encrypted
  • Email verification
  • Hot & cold wallets infrastructure and management
  • Multisignature support for operations
  • Accounts’ access recovery by mnemonic phrase
  • No need to trust the admins - control over all tokens issuance is guaranteed with offline pre-issuance applications
  • Critical for business data backup


Intuitive REST API, SDKs, reference implementations of various modules, mobile wallets & web applications significantly reduce the amount of resources needed for customization, integration and further project improvements.

  • Comprehensive API
  • Golang SDK, JavaScript SDK, Mobile crypto wallet SDK
  • TokenD Core knowledge base
  • Reference technical specification for TokenD core
  • Guides for front-end customization
  • Deployment guide
  • Mobile wallet reference technical specification
  • Thorough FAQ

Enterprise ready

TokenD is an optimal solution for existing and newly created crypto funds and comes with a comprehensive set of tools that are critical for sustainable work of infrastructure.

  • Industry-leading tokenization core & Audit logging
  • Role-based access control
  • Comprehensive administration panel
  • Well documented API and SDKs for third-party software integrations
  • Top-notch security
  • Deployment options
  • Scalable architecture
  • SLA & Support
  • Mobile ready
  • Regulatory compliant

Easy to deploy and administer

TokenD is easy to deploy and it runs on popular cloud servers. Can be deployed both to the cloud or to the business-owned infrastructure.

  • Amazon Web Services ready (one-click deployment on AWS)
  • Fast deployment with Docker containers
  • Comprehensive deployment guide
  • Linux servers
  • Compatible with MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenShift, OpenSpace and many more


TokenD is an optimal solution for existing and newly created crypto funds and comes with a comprehensive set of tools that are critical for sustainable work of infrastructure.

  • Transparent pricing
  • Predictable TCO
  • Select a plan that’s right for you: monthly or lifetime license
  • Support & SLA
  • Regular core updates*
  • Mobile crypto wallet out of the box**

* - Should you need updates and priority support after the first 12 months, a yearly subscription for those can be purchased at 25% of the current license price. If you choose not to renew your maintenance subscription, the software will remain fully functional for the indefinite period.

Full-featured infrastructure out of the box
administrators interface image tokenization interface image investors interface image


TokenD provides all the tools that need to create and run an enterprise-grade crypto fund. Powerful software covers all required features for investment portfolio managers, platform administrators and investors.

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Why choose the TokenD-based crypto
fund by Distributed Lab?

The comprehensive set of tokens issuance and distribution features, flexible tokens business logic, security, well-documented API and SDK, integration with the third party software, high level customization and transparency are generally the decisive factors for business.

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